Saturday, September 30, 2006

Water dogs...

There were lots of good places to cool off yesterday! Notice the nice new quad. Unfortunately, not mine. My 22 year old piece of crap quad is out on a hunting trip. So I borrowed the neighbor's ATV to run the dogs. Same neighbor who saved me from the bat a couple weeks ago! Ya gotta love neighbors like that. I just left a note on his door--"I borrowed your quad, I'll bring it back later". I did return it full of gas, very muddy, but full of gas! I love the parking gear on that quad, plus it's an automatic. I've been told that automatics suck for training dog teams, but I love it! I hate my quad more after every time I borrow Dean's!

Franklin looks exhausted in this picture. It was their longest run so far this year, but he wasn't tired at all. I don't know if Franklin gets tired. Franklin may look familiar to some readers. His spitting image sisters are frequently referred to as The Monsters on Stacie's blog!

Paxil would like me to point out that she is a snow dog, not a water dog. She got sick of the puddles very quickly and started dragging the team around them! The leader princess does not like wet paws!

Anvik has no wet paw avoidance issues. In his world, the best way to get a drink is to jump right into the water dish. Yes, it's really a bathtub. There are recycled bath tubs in every pen. That way I know they always have water, even when I'm late for work and don't have time to carry buckets around!


dogsled_stacie said...

Ah, recycled bathtubs! Great idea!! Something they can't chew on! And there is something that is just freakin' hilarious about a dog standing in a bathtub!! :)

Frankie-boy is soooo cute!!!!! I love seeing his pics, and so does Gracie. We were just comparing their facial features - the cute little eyebrows, the white face, the black little nose. Ok, I was comparing them and while I was talking to her she slid across the couch and stood ON TOP of me. Not sure if that means she agrees or not?

Franklin looks like he has that really furry coat too - hey - when does he shed? The MONSTERS (haha!) only start shedding in fall, and Gracie is still losing fur! I brushed Lucy finally, being the furriest monster but their late shedding is so weird. Then again, they're weird...

We should really get Gracie and Franklin together one day. I wonder if we'd be able to tell them apart? Ok, yeah, he's wayyy bigger. But it would be neat to see. Even if they totally ignored each other.

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

We tried kiddy pools first--chewed to bits! That's alot of plastic to clean up. The tubs are much cheaper and stronger! Very cheap since most of them are scavenged from the Marsh Lake dump!

Franklin sheds late too. He's almost done now, still has some clumps on his butt! He's always the last one in the yard to let go and he's got one of the thickest coats.

If I get my act together this winter, maybe they'll meet at a race!

Janet Whitesell said...

My dogs are very late shedding this year. I have some real wooly monsters right now. The harnesses come off covered in fur after every run. We had an unusually hot summer, too, so I can't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, you are really showing the great side of dogsledding, that it is a way of life. There was a time when I thought of running a team, but life, kids, work and a lot in Copper Ridge worked into the mix.

I was out fishing Pumphouse Lake last night around 7pm...all by myself, except for the ducks, the fish, and the dogteams howling in the distance. I love it when you can be in the bush a bit and know when the dogs are being fed. Reminds me also of the time that I lived on the Hot Springs road and I could get in tune with everyones dogteam feeding the howls. I love the Yukon! Great blog.