Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Felicia..

The mini-mite turns four today! Felicia was born with deformed front legs. She wasn't supposed to make it out of early kittenhood. Once she beat that challenge, thanks to an adoptive momma cat at the shelter, she wasn't supposed to be able to do the things "normal" cats do. Personally, I've never met a normal cat, but Felicia is able to do all the things the other furry meowing freaks around here do. She can get on the cupboard; she runs across the table; she picks on Ivy; chases the big cats, and enjoys a good hit of nip at least once a week.

She just does it all on three legs! Don't tell her she's handicapped, she'll wack you with her deformed paw--it's fused at the perfect angle for wacking humans, bopping big cats on the head and has been used to split a few dog noses from time to time!

Happy Birthday little princess. May you continue to defy the odds for many more years.


sean said...

Happy b-day Felicia, and tell mom you deserve a big chunk of salmon.

She's a cutie, reminds me of my Siamese vampire kitty, Schubie.


Anonymous said...

Meow! You look friendly there, little furball!