Friday, October 13, 2006

Thanks, Uncle Randy...

The dogs' Uncle Randy(who is really not related to us at all!) has provided us with some moose scraps and bones. Mother Nature threw in some snow today. It all adds up to happy, quiet dogs, which leads to happy, not complaining neighbors and an owner much less likely to be heard screaming SHUT UP at 2am! It's a good thing!

Earle likes to chow down while standing up.

Ozzy prefers to save his energy for beating up his brother(Mac)and lounges while he eats.

Franklin likes to surround himself with chunks of meat and settle in!

Preacher may be old, blind and basically falling apart, but he can still eat with the best of 'em! When Preacher no longer wants to eat, I will know that it is time to help him into the next world. God help any of the young dogs who tries to take that bone from him. The ol' boy can still hold his own and he won't hesitate to use his teeth on the upstart youngsters! Age has it's privledges! You can get away with being a cranky jerk much more often when you are 13!

Thanks, Randy! We appreciate it! Nothing buys a couple hours of pure quiet around here like a batch of fresh moose bones!


dogsled_stacie said...

Ha! That's EXACTLY what it looked like around here 2 days ago!! I'm pretty thankful to all those moose hunters too - I had 2 sets of nice folks pass off their scraps/bones to me.

And you're right - eating, gnawing dogs are happy, quiet dogs!

IndyPindy said...

Mmmmm, I'm so jealous! I get raw chicken and beef, but I developed food allergies as a reaction to an antibiotic, and I have a very sensitive tummy, so I could not eat moose bone. For my birthday a few weeks ago, mom tried giving me deer meat that she got from a friend of hers that hunts. It had been frozen so it was safe. I was REALLY SICK for 4 days. I was waking her up during the night to take me out and had a VERY upset stomach!

I wish I could eat all kinds of meats!