Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Introducing Tehya....

Yes, I know I need another dog like I need another hole in my head, but she's here anyway.

Tehya is a 7 month old border collie-husky mix. How fun will that combo be!? A friend of mine pulled her from the city pound a few days ago, where her time was up. She was in doggy jail for the second time for being found running at large. Her owners decided not to pay her bail her this time.

She is unbelievably little! There's nothing to her. She wants to be a lap dog and is little enough for now that she actually fits.

She loves to run and play.

Anvik is her new best friend. He had a little panic attack when he had to go back in his crate and Tehya stayed outside.

She has the border collie focus and brains. She is way too smart. She watches everything and you can see the little wheels turning in her brain! She's going to be a handful!

Introductions went very well for the most part. Heyoka is not impressed with her. The rest of the boys want to play with her and the girls are ignoring her so far. Tehya acts like she's been a pack dog her whole life. She fits right in!

Now to find a tiny harness and see if she wants to be a sled dog too!


Khady Lynn said...

Welcome Tehya! You are SOOOOOO cute!!! What a wonderful mommy you have to have rescued you. Those are the best kinds of mommy's! I have one of those too! Stop on over to my blog and meet me and all my friends. My human is a Sibernetter, and so are some of my doggie friends. And, since you are a husky family, you can joint the Husky Bloggers ring. Visit http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=raisahusky;action=list
and click on "join the ring" at the top! Raisa (she's from Brazil) is in charge. She is a very pretty Red head.

I will add your link to my blog so you can start to meet all kinds of new doggie friends!


Khady Lynn said...

Ok, so I'm a little slow tonight (it's kinda late) and I just saw that you have the Husky Bloggers Ring link on your sidebar!! Glad to have you as one of us!

We would love to hear all your adventures, and those of your new fur siblings!


dogsled_stacie said...

OMG where did I see her before?!?! The shelter website?? She is SOOOO freakin' cute. I was thinking she would make a great fit with Ivy and Sage - with that whole cowdog look going. She totally reminds me of Ivy. They look freakishly alike - down to the eyes and the little pink bit on above her black nose!! And the tinyness!

She'll be soooo much fun with that border collie mixed in there!! She'll be backing out of harnesses in no time! :)

And if you don't want to keep her...

Just kidding! Kinda.

Carol said...

Oh TamaraLyn, i knew you would so be adding to my grand critters...whether it was to be a dog or cat was the only thing!!! And I do admit she fits right in withyou Cow theme in your kitchen. Hope she knows how lucky she is to have you bring her into the fold. Love you, Mom

The Army of Four said...

Hey Teyha! congrats on finding your fur-ever home! We read about you on Sibernet like Holly did. There ARE good bipeds out there, honest! And we think you've found one! Ha roooooo!
Tail wags,
and the Ao4
PS: Stop by our blog sometime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara (and all!) - glad to see our little girl is settling in so well. I just knew our evil plans would work!

For the information of Yukon-types, I nabbed Tehya from the city pound wearing my other-other hat as Border Collie Rescue North:


We try to help purebred (and mostly purebred!) BCs in Yukon, NWT and parts of Alaska, both locally and through a country-wide network of dedicated breed rescuers. Cheers, Deb

Anonymous said...

I am *so* glad you have her. I saw her on the pound website, and I was concerned because she didn't seem to be getting bailed out and the shelter is so full right now. Hooray for Tehya!!! She looks like a happy member of your dog clan!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous dog! I love those markings. How small is she? I have lots of 35 lb dogs in my yard, so she doesn't look very small to me.

Anonymous said...

So, you're not even going to play the "She's only a FOSTER" card?

We're just going to "adopt" and skip the Foster Sham?

Hey Tehya - put in a request for your Wandering Spirits Hang-Tag - your a Team Member now!

WELCOME HOME, Pretty Girl!

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Thanks everyone. She is a little sweetheart!

Janet: She weighs about 25 pounds. My next smallest dog is a 45 pounder! My biggest is pushing 130 pounds!

Phred: she has her little silver bone tag on now! No foster sham this time. She's staying!

Army of Four: I read your blog all the time!

Stacie: I thought of Sage and Ivy as soon as I saw her!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable! Is she very friendly?