Monday, March 27, 2006

Dashing through the snow...

Well, not exactly dashing, but plowing through it anymore. More snow fell this morning, fluffy, light stuff today!

Seeing as it is Monday and it was early in the day, the trails were likely to be empty, I took out my "problem team". I have three dogs who are prone to difficulties on the trail, mostly if we run into a loose dog. They are also really hard workers! Deuce is unpredictable, somedays he blows right by, other days he wants to stop and have a little fight first! He's like that in the yard too. Hard to tell which dogs he will get along with and which he won't. Franklin has been attacked by loose dogs before so now he starts things first. We've had a couple good passes lately and that's helping Franky alot. Funny how it takes just one or two bad passes to completely screw a dog up and it take hundreds of good ones to undo the damage! Then I took Antare who can be a bit of a butthead towards his teammates. He thinks he's a tough guy, but the reality is no one has caught him yet to put him in his place! Just for giggles, I added Hobo as the 7th dog. Hobo has to run alone as he is a psycho! He just gets way too excited and if he can't go RIGHT FREAKING NOW, well he'll just bite whoever is closest to him! Hobo gets hooked up last all the time!

Now this could have been ugly, but it went very smoothly. Not sure where all the skidooers are, but the trail was untracked! So it was a little slow, but the dogs did great!

The enchanted forest actually looks enchanting! This is my favorite spot along this trail!

This is just not right. I forgot to put my gloves on and didn't even notice until we were several miles from home! The dogs were insane at hook-up and I had no help today. Things were about to get out of control so I just dove on the sled and pulled the quick release! Gloves were in the sled basket, but I couldn't reach them!

Ok, there was a bit of messing around, but really if the worst that happens on a run is Deuce stops to mark a tree or two--well, I'll take it! It's not like we were in a big hurry anyway!

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PJ said...

I can't imagine so much snow.
Your photo and dogs are beautiful!