Thursday, March 16, 2006


He's not home yet, but Delta is alive!! I saw him tonight. He's hanging around out on the Annie Lake road. He's in a relatively safe area with other dogs and a couple mushers' yards around. He appears to be uninjured. Skinny, but not hurt. He's terrified and won't let us or anyone near him. But he did recognize me and stopped to watch me once. I'm going to be out there as much as possible. A very nice couple has agreed to feed him and let us leave his favorite dog house in their yard. Delta has been hanging out with their dog for a couple days.

Please keep your paws crossed, pray to whichever diety you choose to believe in, whatever you do to send good thoughts. They are working! My boy is almost home!! I do not have words for how happy I am. There will be a big party here when I get him home!!!


Anonymous said...


Go EASY, Tamara ...
Don't *scare* him off now!!!

Good Luck with the final "Grab"!

{{{Hugs}}} from Phred

Rebecca Stark said...

I'm so happy for you....and Delta, too. I hate when pets are missing!

dogsled_stacie said...

WOOHOO!!!! Right on!!!

That's so freakin' awesome. I know it's been pure torture for you over these couple weeks, this must feel so unbelievably great!! He's almost home... you'll have your boy soon.

Seriously - if there's anything I can do, go help, hunt, trap, chase, whatever, don't hesitate to give me a call and I'll be there in a second!

Anonymous said...

Phew! Great news!!!
I am and still will be crossing all my fingers for you and Delta.
Constatnly wishing you the best of everything! My thoughts are with you.
Greetings from far Poland.


Anonymous said...

*** Delta is *HOME* ~ Safe & Sound !!!

As of about 6:00 PM Yukon Time, Friday, March 17, 2006 ...

Tamara reported:


It took over four hours of sitting in the snow and following him around, plus most of a KFC dinner, several bags of jerky treats, some help from his brother and his new girlfriend and a whole lot of praying and whispering to him, but DELTA IS HOME!!! He is safe, unharmed. He's a skinny. I can easily feel all of his bones. He's very thirsty, but both of those things are easy to correct now that he's back where he belongs."

WELCOME Back Home, Delta!!

JOB WELL DONE, Tamara & Stuart!!

And THANKS to GOD and The Neighbor !!