Friday, March 24, 2006

Poor Mac....

On Sunday morning, we had a small scuffle in the yard, caused by my neighbor's dog. A gigantic St.Bernard mix in the driveway gets everyone's attention around here! The chaos led to a big pile of huskies with Mac on the bottom! Not really a fight, just a ball of worked up fur! No one appeared injured. Then two days ago, Mac started to limp. So he's been in solitary confinement resting what I thought was a pulled muscle. This morning, I woke feeling like crap, so I called in sick. Thank goodness for that! When I got up and went to put Mac outside, he had trouble getting up. His left back leg is twice the size it should be!! So my sick day turned into a day at the vet clinic! This was another one of those times when having 31 critters paid off at the clinic. I called at 9 and Mac was seen at 10!

He has a massive infection in the muscle and tendons of that leg. There is a tiny puncture wound in his thigh. Rather than just healing on it's own, as most little punctures do or turning into an abcess, as bigger ones tend to, this one just infected his whole leg. Fortunately, it has not spread beyond his leg at this point.

He's on a massive dose of two different anti-biotics for the next three weeks, plus some Metacam. If the swelling doesn't go down soon, he has to go into the clinic and stay for a few days with IV anti-biotics. He'll love that(insert sarcarsm here) He was not a happy camper at the clinic. He was cooperative, but more scared than I have seen Mac in a long time. Made it pretty obvious just how far he has come since he first came here.

No running, no playing, not even a walk for Mac for the next 10 days at least. His sledding season is finished. He is supposed to be on total rest--outside to do his business and back in. That's easy right now cuz he feels lousy. It's not going to be so easy once he starts to feel better! Mac is a very busy dog. I think I'll be investing in some new Kongs and chew toys to keep him occupied and spare my leather boots from his bored teeth!

Hopefully my goofy boy will back soon. Seems odd to see him so quiet and still! I think I'll take the 200 dollar bill from today down to my neighbor--maybe he'll start to keep his dog at home!!!!!

As an added bonus, I get to take his temp several times a day all weekend! WOO Hoo!

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dogsled_stacie said...

"As an added bonus, I get to take his temp several times a day all weekend! WOO Hoo!"

I think *someone* is going a bit loopy... ;-)

Happy healing to Mac!

I hear ya though - the other day Gracie decided to rip a chunk out of Lucy's face (SO damned close to her eye!), over a bone. So now I'm tending to that nice gash. Damned dogs and their weird little personalities...