Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wah, it's almost over!

Although I'm not quite ready to admit it yet, our sledding season is winding down! Wah!!!

I got a couple teams out last week.

I'm down to 11 that can pull right now. Four of the usual suspects are resting for what's left of this year--Raven because of her hip troubles, Mac because of his infection, Deuce snapped a nail way back on one front paw, and Antare has a little hitch in his gait; I think his right front shoulder is a little sore.

Mac can still run, just not in harness. He tagged along on Monday.

and ran and ran

and ran. It's what Mac does best!
The trail still looks good, but it's soft and punchy. A quick glance to the side shows spring is here!

Sigh, I hate spring! Messy dogs, messy yard and the joy of both mine and Sleet's allergies coming back!

Franklin seems to have a slightly different opinion of spring. He enjoys a good nap in the sun immensely!


dogsled_stacie said...

Haha!! Franklin even sleeps/lays down like Gracie!! Back legs sprawled up in the air and everything. Too funny! Weirdos!

Boy, I remember Mac & Ozzy from the shelter and how scrawny and lanky they were. Man, Mac looks great now! Doesn't he like to pull?

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Mac loves to pull. He's actually in leader training. The vet didn't want him pulling because he has a weird infection in a back leg. He was driving me nuts though so I let him run loose. He's pretty good at keeping loose dogs away from the team too!

Mac is actually quite a bit bigger than Ozzy now! They've come a long way from those scared, little waifs!