Monday, October 24, 2005


Finally, here are some pics from my trip to Halifax. I think I've recovered from the jet lag, but I picked up some kind of cold on the plane! Thank God for NyQuil!!

This is a view of downtown Halifax. It's a beautiful city. I found it a bit confining. The streets are very narrow and the buildings are huge. Course I can't see any buildings from my house, except our garage! I'm very used to being able to walk for miles and never see another person!

The architecture in the city is stunning. This is St. Anthony's church. It's a beautiful building.

They have these funky lobsters all over town. This music-inspired one was my favorite.

I went on this tour bus on Sunday. Stops at all the historic sites around the city--the Titanic gravesite, the Citadel, and the Alexander Keith Brewery! (He does make a good beer!) Only posting this one cuz I like the rainbow in it though!

This is the view from the Citadel--where the soldiers were stationed to protect the colony from invading ships.

A ginormous tanker ship just leaving the port. Can't go to Halifax without walking along the harbour and taking pictures of ships!

Will post a couple more in a new entry!

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