Monday, October 10, 2005

Not where I wanted to spend Thanksgiving..

Sunday afternoon was relaxing for the dogs, Sunday night was not relaxing for anyone! Just as we finished pigging out on turkey, the dogs decided to have a pack fight! They've been great since June--no fights, no acting like big jerks. Who knows what their problem was last night, but Pacer got the worst of it AGAIN!!!

So off to the vet we go. No pumpkin pie for me or my friend, Lise, who drove while I kept Pacer from freaking out too much. (Thanks, Lise). The two vets didnt' get any pie either! Our usual vet, Kim, had a new guy helping him out last night, Kevin. They went to vet school together. Kevin was very good with Pacer. He gave him a dose of Dormitor, which I'd never seen used before. It's a morphine based sedative. Knocked Pacer on his butt in seconds, but he wasn't fully out. When he was done fixing Pacer up, he gave him another shot of a reversing agent and 10 minutes later, Pacer walked out of the clinic. A wobbly walk, but still he walked out. Much better than having to spend the night at the clinic. Waking up alone there would have scared Pacer to death. He's timid at the best of times!

Pacer has a variety of puncture wounds, including three with drains in them. Fun, fun. I hate drains! He's anti-biotics for a week. He was whining last night, but I think that was the drugs wearing off completely. He seems fine this morning. He's walking better than I would be! He won't go outside, but I don't blame him. He's never had an accident in the house so I assume that once he really has to pee he'll ask to go out. He took his pill like a good boy and wolfed down a hot dog right after. I think that's a good sign that he's eating something.

So most of the dogs are on chains for awhile. Heyoka started it again last night. He's tied up for several days. Muskwa was even in on the fight last night, which is most unusual for him. He is so getting neutered now! He's the only unaltered dog in the yard and that is not going to last much longer!

Pacer will be getting his own pen tonight. Not that he'll be in it any time soon, but it will be ready for him. Chum and Franklin will probably go in with him during the day. They get picked on a bit too sometimes. The three of them get along very well. The fence has been up for weeks, but we got distracted by getting other chores and never built the gate. The gate gets built tonight.

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