Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wandering Jimmy.....

Earlier this week, my friend, Braden called to ask if I had any strange dogs in my yard. Well, I have lots of strange dogs in my yard, but at the time I didn't have any who don't belong here! Braden had a one of those runs that make people give up mushing. In the process of untangling an 18 dog team, he lost a few of them. Now he often lets his dogs loose and they just run home. Most of them did just that, but Jimmy vanished. It's always the truly great lead dogs who vanish into the mist! So I've been keeping an eye out for a skinny little black and tan sled dog still wearing his harness--who was not one of my skinny black and tan sled dogs! (well, mine aren't that skinny!) No sign of Jimmy for days though, until last night!

Jimmy showed up just down the road at what I call "the crazy neighbors' place". He was in her yard and her dogs are miserable beasts! I'm the only musher she knows she so figured he must be my dog. I didn't bother to correct her, I just took Jimmy in!

He is unbelievably skinny, but otherwise unharmed! He ate like a dog 4 times his size last night. I feed him small amounts three times and two more times this morning! Last night I couldn't get ahold of Braden or his handler, Steph, so Jimmy spent the night in the arctic entry.

I took Jimmy home early this afternoon. He was very happy to be back in a familar place. He gets to be a house dog for a little while. He needs to gain some weight before he will be able to keep himself warm outside!

While I was there I got to check out Braden's dog yard, including the two dogs he thinks I should take! I'm seriously tempted.....both leaders......need a leader......sigh......

This is Sundin. Not only am I tempted by his ability to lead, but also by the fact that he is my Pingo's son! Pingo also used to call Braden's home, until almost three years ago when she came to me! She's a great dog, slightly neurotic, but aren't we all, a little at least!?? Sundin is very much like his mother and would probably fit in nicely here.

This is Cookie. Cookie had a near death experience last spring. She had a singleton litter, but the pup died in utero and became stuck. She had to have an emergency c-section/spay to save her life. She also had some weird reaction to the drugs used during the surgery. She's a bit of wheezer now and takes prednisone regularly for this. She's very sweet though and seems to hold no ill will!

Jimmy is not the first of Braden's dogs to wander his way into our yard. A couple years ago a young puppy did the same thing. He stayed for several days. He didn't look like a sled dog so I never called Braden about him! He looked like a black lab! But eventually, he found his way back to his rightful owner. He was a great puppy though. I'd have kept him and I don't do puppies!

That dog is now over two years old and called White-Paw. He grew up just a lovely as I expected he would! He's still a big sweetie!

....need a best is almost 10 and had cancer last winter....................need a leader.........

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