Saturday, October 08, 2005

Trail Recon....

In order to avoid a run like my friend, Stacie had a few days ago, I decided to do some trail reconnaisance before I hooked up a team to run our most frequent trail. Link to Stacie's blog so you can see what I was trying to avoid. Stacie owns or rather is owned by a couple of Franklin's littermates!

I took Raven and Chum along with me and just let them run loose.

Now I understand where the term "busy beavers" comes from. This little patch of poplars was all standing a week ago when I went by. Fortunately the beavers were nice enough not leave any of their dinner blocking the trail.

The view from one of my favorite spots on the trail. It's about 7km from home. No problems to that point.

Chum was having a great time.

Raven never has understood the term "take a break". She was very busy exploring.

For the most part the trail was clear. I had to move a couple little trees and chopped down one patch of willows that I ran into about 100 times last winter. I just hate those trees! Someone had been out with a chainsaw all along the trail. Sawdust and branches everywhere.

Another favorite spot. It's even prettier in the winter, but it's also at the top of a long hill and I can never convince the dogs to stop long enough to get my camera out!

Then when we were almost done the loop, about 5 km left to go and we'd be home. Raven and Chum were both getting tired and I was getting a bit cold. Then we ran into this mess:

The trail is a bloody bog!!!! Chum figured he could run right through it, but I knew I'd get the quad stuck! There's no other way out from here so we had to turn around! An extra 12km run for Chum & Raven. ooppps!!

After running about 20km Raven finally took a little break.

Chum laid down too, but he still looks slightly insane!

Chum was a little stiff when we got home. Raven slept for an hour and was back to her nutty little self again. I'm not sure what it would take to truly exhaust her!

And I have to find a new loop, at least until that bog part is frozen!

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