Friday, January 20, 2006

Great neighbors!

We are truly blessed to have great neighbors--not too close, but close enough to help if needed; never complain about the dogs, even when Mac jumped their fence; cat lovers with 3 dogs of their own too. We've only really been friends for the last year, but we get along really well. The label said "we hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoy you. A just cuz present."

I had a day from hell at work today and made Stuart stop at the local Mexican restaurant so I could take the edge off with a couple margaritas. Tequila can fix most anything at least momentarily! When we got home, this was on the table:

Kitty Kasha is always on the table, but the box was new!

Never could resist a pressie!

Inside was this beautiful fountain!

Close up of one of the wolves on it.

The cats of course think it's a new water dish. Fortunately, it's very heavy and I don't think they can move it. I will have to watch the water levels though!

That certainly made my bad day disappear--even better than the tequila!

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