Saturday, January 14, 2006

Such good dogs!

We just got in from taking the neighbor's son for a little tour. The son is 45 or so and visiting from Montreal. He had never seen a team hooked up and had no concept of the chaos and NOISE that goes along with a dog team! Trail conditions are still not good, although a little snow has fallen over the last couple days. Taking someone for a quad ride just wouldn't give the full experience. I figured with a full grown man in the basket and a fairly small team, we'd be alright. I only took six dogs. I usually take 8 if I have a rider, but this was the first time I'd run six on the sled this winter and 8 would have been tempting fate! Giving tours freaks me out anyway. I'm always terrified something is going to go horribly wrong, like I'll fall off. Watching your team run away is bad enough, it'd be even worse with a person in the basket!

I took Paxil, Pingo, Raven, Deuce, Pacer and Ozzy(2 dogs from other mushers and four shelter dogs). Six of my best dogs and they were great! Ted had a good time and now understands a little bit more, especially that there is no "forcing" a husky to run. They truly want to. It was fun being on the sled too! Back to the quad tomorrow for a bigger team and longer run. I'm just so freakin' proud of my little team!

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