Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As requested by KP, kitty stuff!

It has been awhile since I said anything about the cats. They are just so much less trouble than the dogs! They don't do much besides eat, sleep and terrorize Ivy!

Boots has been renamed. His new name is BRAT!! If there is something to get into, knock over, make crash at 3am, Boots the brat will find it!

Polly Paws is quite sure that she could catch those Ravens if I'd just let her outside. Not happening, pretty girl!

When he's not picking on his sisfur, Ivy, Onyx has been very cuddly lately. Everyone picks on Ivy for some reason. I have Feliway diffusers all over the house now--those things are expensive!! They do seem to work though. Ivy can actually sleep in the open now without fear of attack. They seem to pick on her most first thing in the morning. Just like me, they wake up grumpy!

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