Monday, February 20, 2006

Back home!

I made it back from skiing in one piece. It had been seven years since I had the boards on so there was some doubt as to my ability to get down a hill anymore! That muscle memory theory must have some truth to it though as it all came back pretty quickly!

The mountains were beautiful as always!

Marmot Basin has always been one of my favorite places. It was nice to see how little it has changed over the years--lots of the same runs, sames names, and still no lift lines!

It was fun watching my nieces discover skiing. This is Naomi. Some day soon she will be a flawless technical skier. She probably won't be the fastest one down the hill, but by God, she is going to look great on the way!

This is Hannah who will be the fastest down. Hannah hates to turn, hates snowplowing and just wants to go fast--a little downhiller in the making!??? Watching Hannah ski was more than a little terrifying at first, but by the second day and after a private lesson, she was able to keep herself in control, much to her dismay. She thinks control is boring and crashing is fun! Good thing little kids are bendable!

The dogs all survived their week with Dad. It's always nice to come back to them--it was pure chaos when they realized I was home! The cats, well, they were not so thrilled. I had to buy them back with copious amounts of Fancy Feast!

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