Thursday, February 02, 2006

Deuce learns to skijor & Kayleigh goes to the vet....

Yesterday Kayleigh woke up with the right side of her face about twice the size it should be. She went to the vet this afternoon and will be going back for a dental surgery on Monday. She has an abcessed tooth. She had one a couple years ago too. Her teeth are not in great shape. Kayleigh was starved by her first owner and I suspect she chewed on anything and everything she possibly could and that damaged her teeth. She's pretty pathetic right now, moping around and barely eating. Kayleigh usually eats anything offered in seconds!

This is how she spent most of her pre-vet walk. I think the snow felt nice on her face. She did really well at the clinic. Dr. Rick still has all his fingers! No small critters were in the waiting room so there was no difficulty there! And she's even lost the weight Dr. Rick was worried about last time she was in. She's down to a nice healthy 107 pounds!

I was giving my leaders a day off today so I decided to go skijoring. I've done very little of that this winter. I took Deuce for his very first skijor today.

He's a natural! He wasn't in the least bit worried about me being behind him. He really like running on the hard packed part of the trail. He went slower across the lake, but he was still working. I think he'd be a lot of fun on a groomed race trail. I might have to take him to a local race! Plus it would be kinda gratifying to show him off--he is the dog who was almost euthanized due to his energy levels!

Good dogs get treats for their efforts!


sean said...

Did you say that right? Kayleigh is 107 lbs??

Good Deucy boy. Who can resist a happy dog face like that?
Now, where's Weaver? :)

Btw, yes I am the same sean who posts on Sibernet. I started reading these blogs after you had posted about Life With Dogs in the Yukon blog and I gotta say, damn I'm jealous. GA sucks. I think we saw a spot of snow about 5 years ago.

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Yup, 107 and she's lost weight! At one time she was closer to 115. It's the malamute in her--makes her a big girl.

Weaver lives with Marilyn. I don't think skijoring with the Hooligans would go so well! Would make a good story though! ;)

We are actually having a bad snow year. Last year was amazing! We had tons of the white stuff. I ran the dog team until late April!

sean said...

Ah, I don't know why you had a wacky Weaver. You crazy people have too many dogs, damn you. :)
I think need to move to the yukon.
Then I can become a crazy person.
Or maybe I'm doing this backwards..