Thursday, February 09, 2006

Like mother, like son

Pingo and Sundin ran in lead together today. What a perfectly matched pair. Sundin is a little taller, but their gaits are identical; they hold their ears the same way; carry their tails in the same position; and both look back when we stop or when they think I should be helping more!

"Get off the runners and push lady!"

This was taken as we came across Mary Lake on our way home. Sundin and Pingo work together even better than Pingo and Paxil do. The girls tend to get distracted with a little battle over which one of them is really the lead dog! Sundin and Pingo just ran straight ahead!

How cute are they!? They really just wanted to get unhooked and have a snack. They weren't really interested in posing for me!

Sundin, Pacer, Franklin and Antare all waiting to get unhooked. Don't they look like a happy bunch of mutts? All of them have a tendancy towards extreme shyness. Pacer and Franklin are pretty much completely out of their shells now. Antare still prefers the company of other dogs, but he will put up with humans if it means he gets to run. Hopefully, Sundin is on his way to dropping his shell too.

He does love to run. I think it will make a huge difference for him now that he knows he can still be a sled dog here.

Finally he gets to enjoy his water and moose meat post-run snack!

This will be the last post until sometime after February 17. The musher I was supposed to help on the Quest has withdrawn and my Dad offered a skiing trip in Jasper. How could I refuse that!? So I'm heading off to see my family tomorrow, returning on the 17th, in plenty of time for the Quest finish.

Type at y'all later!

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dogsled_stacie said...

woohoo! Good for Sundin - another leader.... sweet! He looks right at home up there.

I'm full-on training my young guys in lead now - the others are dropping like flies (retiring that is). They're doing pretty well, and since I've been using them, our speed has increased ten-fold! It's crazy - but freaking fun!!

Have a great ski trip! Take loads of pics!