Friday, January 13, 2006

"Chum, stop it"

I'm pretty sure that Chum thinks his name includes the phrases, "Stop it", "that's enough" and "oh, shut up". He's a sweetie, but he can be a bit much. This is what happens when you try to take a nice picture of him while playing with the self-portrait mode on the camera.

"Yes, I love you too Chum. Now look the other way."

"Ok, that's enough, Chum. Thanks for the kisses."

This is close as I could get to a decent picture!

Silly, silly Chum!


Woofwoof said...

Great looking Chum. And long tongue too.

Anonymous said...

Awwww....what a friendly dog!

funhog and fundogs said...

that Chum has some incredible determination, he's trying to clean your face by licking sideways! Chum is not going to give up until Chum has licked you good and silly.