Monday, January 24, 2005

Honest, she followed me home!

Honest honey, She followed me home. I didn't go looking for her!

That's what I had to tell my husband Sunday afternoon. I left to go skijoring with one dog and came back with two! A small black and white husky cross jumped in the truck with Hobo when we were done skijoring. WhenI first saw her, she was just wandering around the truck. I thought she knew where she was going--we see lots of dogs allowed to roam out here! But she kept coming back so just before I drove away, I opened the door and asked her if she needed a lift. She hopped right in.

She has an assortment of tags on her collar, but none of them appear to be current. Her city liscense is current, but they are closed on Sundays. The one on another tag number says he's away for the next month. I left a message there too--just in case she is being dog sat in my area and escaped. I've called the Pound and the Humane Society and will put up a poster at the mailboxes tonight.

She's very sweet, a little timid and obviously used to other dogs. Her appearance caused complete chaos around here and she never even blinked. Just walked beside me into the enclosed porch. She appears to be well cared for--nice weight, good coat. She has the cutest little floppy ear, just one,the other one stands straight up!! I love husky-crosses with floppy ears! I'm sure someone is looking for her. I hope they find her soon. I know not many of you live in my area, but if by chance you hear of a missing huskycross in the Whitehorse area--she's at my place!

Cute, isn't she??!!!

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