Thursday, January 27, 2005

Off to the vet...

Sigh, I've been up most of the night cleaning up doggy puke. Paxil has been heaving and heaving and heaving some more. She wouldn't eat last night, so she's just bringing up water and bile. Around 1am I gave her some kaopectate, as directed by the on-call vet. That seemed to settle her down and she went to sleep, but this morning, she had more bile on her blanket. So she's going in today at 1:30.

Paxil has lost a lot of weight lately and she had none to loose. She was dewormed in December. I thought it was just the cold snap we recently had. Dogs burn alot of calories just keeping warm in -40C. So I've been feeding special food, lots of it, and keeping her inside so she doesn't have to work to stay warm. She seemed happy enough until two days ago, when she just seemed to crater. She's acting exhausted and not her usual affectionate little self.

I was going to take her in for a check up when my favorite vet opens his new clinic in February, but I don't think I can wait any longer. She's not a well dog. I hope she'll be ok. She hasn't been here for long, but Paxil is the dog who changed my life. My very first time on a dog sled, she was my leader. Nothing has been the same since that afternoon!

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