Tuesday, January 18, 2005


For my first post, I thought I'd introduce you to the family. I think my animals are a whole lot more interesting than I am, so I'll start with them... This could take awhile; there are a lot of critters who call this place home! So without further ado and in order of arrival...The DOGS!


He's a looker and he knows it. Muskwa is a seven year old, purebred siberian husky, the only dog we've ever bought from a breeder. Actually, my husband bought him. Muskwa has been here for longer than I have! Muskwa is our alpha male, in every sense of that world. He rules his pack with a velvet paw. He's too smart for his own good and keeps us on our toes. It's frustrating to be continually outsmarted by a dog!


Earle is the canine love of my life. I adore him! He is five years old now. He is Muskwa's son, part of the only litter Muskwa ever sired. Instead of stud fees, we got Earle. He's not nearly as smart as his Dad(thank god for small mercies!), but he's the sweetest dog ever; full of love, joy and general goodness. Earle is always the first dog we introduce a newbie to. He's never met a dog or a person he didn't like!


Sleet, my first lead dog, my best friend, my constant companion. She's 11 years old now. She arrived here as a 6 year old in her prime, a command leader. She taught me everything I know about sled dogs. Sleet is getting stiff as she ages and she has been retired from active mushing. She is now a house princess!


Kayleigh, my big, beautiful girl; my problem child. Kayleigh had a rough start in life; spending her first 18 months with an owner who starved her and abused her. Kayleigh has issues that are in no way her fault...she's food protective, she doesn't like men, and she ain't big on other dogs. Kayleigh has her own special area where she stays during the day. The dogs she likes go in to visit regularly. Fortunately we live in an area where there is lots of space and Kayleigh can be allowed to run loose at times.

Bandit is an eight year purebred Siberian Husky. I basically stole him from an abusive neighbor. Bandit used to run away regularly from his old owner. He always came to our place so one day I just kept him. His owner knew where he was and never bothered to claim him. A couple weeks later a bag of leashes, collars and Bandit's AKC papers were left hanging on my door. That was three years ago.



Preacher and Franklin arrived as a package deal, our first foster dogs. They had spent almost a year in the local humane society. They needed to stay together. Frankin is a timid dog and at the time took all his confidence from Preacher. He ceased to function without Preacher. Three years later, Franklin is much more confident. He just turned five and is a great sled dog and soon to be my skijor racing dog. Preacher is much older and has lost his sight. His health isn't great, but he's still happy.

Goldie was next. She arrived in April 2002 after a very long time in shelter care. Goldie is not a sled dog as her front legs are deformed. She's got a bit of an attitude, but mostly she's a sweetie!

More coming up............

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