Saturday, January 22, 2005

More dog intros..

Ok, where was I...


Delta and Antare are littermates. They arrived here at nine months old, after spending most of their lives in the shelter. They are very timid dogs. Delta remains very timid. Antare forgets that he's shy when he's in harness. He lives to pull! They were foster dogs, but like so many others, we failed at fostering them! We excel at adopting though!

Raven is another foster failure. She spent a year in the shelter (are you seeing a pattern yet!??)and arrived here at 18 months old. She's a big ball of energy and life. She has the loudest squeal/howl of any dog in the yard!

Heyoka followed Raven by just a few days. He's a purebred Alaskan Malamute, another shelter dog. It boggles the mind that no one claimed this gentle giant. His name means "clown who teaches through his antics" in Sioux. That's exactly what he is!

Then came Pingo in December 2002. She's my main lead dog and a couch princess! She's got great trail sense and there are lots of days when I would be lost in the bush without her!

Things were quiet for the next six months, no new additions....

Then came Chase. Growing up in the confinement of a shelter does funny things to a dog's head. As his friends are fond of saying, "chase has a few loose wires", but he's very sweet, full of energy and a good sled dog!

There's still more to come.....

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