Monday, January 24, 2005

She's been claimed

My little stray sweetie, who's name is Mellis, has been claimed in a roundabout way! Her owner is in Cuba. His tenant heard my message this morning after he returned from a weekend trip. He is not the dogsitter. He thought that Mellis was staying with the owner's friends out of town--about 60km from where I found her, but he doesn't know who she was supposed to be with. I haven't heard from the dogsitter, but if she really ran that far, they are probably looking in all the wrong places for her!

He was a little suprised that she let me catch her as she is normally quite timid. She's been a little shy around our place, but our pack can be a bit overwhelming for anyone! I just laughed and told him I had a little experience with timid dogs. Probably helped that i had another dog with me at the time. She does like other dogs. He doesn't drive and Mellis actually belongs not far from my office so tomorrow she's coming to work with me and I'll drop her off later in the day. I think I'll go get her a tag with the right info on it first!

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